passim border collies

Everything a dog should be.

Passim Fallen Angel

Angel is a one off. She has some of her grandma Ellie's quirks, and prefers the company of the other dogs to humans. Though she much prefers the boys to the girls.

While she is happy to have her pups in the house (that’s where all the best treats are after all ) she can't wait to get back to the kennels with the rest of the dogs and she always has to have the last word.

When out walking I get the distinct impression she is only coming along because she feels it's her duty to ensure I get the exercise I need, and not the other way around! 

Fortunately her offspring all seem to have a far greater love of human companionship than she does, I get regular progress reports saying how quick they are to learn, and quite a few are now becoming excellent agility prospects. 

Angel has now retired from breeding, but is still living here with her 'boyfriend' Jasper.

To see Angel's  pedigree and health test results please CLICK HERE.