passim border collies

Everything a dog should be.

My Family

My family consists of one son, one daughter, and one grandson, plus a host of furry and feathered friends.  My son shares my home, along with his partner Julie, and I am forever grateful to them for looking after my animals when ever I go away from home for a few days, I don't know how I would manage without them. My daughter lives in Kings Heath with my grandson Jaiden, and they are rapidly gathering an animal family of their own !

Here are a few of my other fur or feathered friends.


puppy lurcherPeggy came to stay in December 2011.  I have always loved Lurcher's, and after losing my last one three years previously, I decided it was time to find another. I did not want to replicate my old girl Saffy, so decided I wanted a smaller version, a bitch and a rough coat. When I found Peggy's litter they fitted the bill perfectly.  

Peggy is Beddlington X whippet, with a dash of border collie, what could be better.   She is the total opposite of a border collie, willful, disobedient, self opinionated, hates the cold and the wet, steals any food she can ( and drink if she can !) plays chase with the cat, though to be fair the cat does chase her too, and I love her to bits.


lurcher drinking bailysIs she spoilt ? Of course she is, but who could resist. She loveslurcher on floor to come away with me in the camper van, and we have several relaxing breaks together throughout the year, and at home she likes nothing better than to sit on the sofa with her head in my lap, even if she does think she needs two thirds of it for herself !  She is also happy to babysit any pups, and is very gentle and patient with them. 






Jake came to stay in 2006. - March 2019 puppy gsd

We had been troubled with property being stolen, and I wanted a guard dog. It may sound silly when I have a bevy of Border Collies, but I did not feel that a thief would take them seriously, and I wanted something that would look the part. I have had G.S.D's in the past and knew just what I was looking for. It would need to be big, with good bone, and most of all a reliable, bomb proof temperament. I wanted it to keep undesirables away, but not eat visitors or friends.


german shepherdI chose Jake from a litter of 7. His parents were the right type, and had the attitude I was looking for. When I picked him up and looked him in the eye, he looked right back, no avoiding my gaze at all, totally honest. He was not registered, but as I had no intention of showing or breeding from him this was not a problem. In fact at 14 months he was castrated, to ensure we had no unwanted collie X GSD crosses !

He turned out to be an excellent choice. He gets on well with my own dogs, and loves puppies, but he takes his duties very seriously. If he thinks one of his family is under threat, he behaves accordingly, and is totally fearless.   Around friends and visitors his manners are impeccable.



Olivia came to live with us in 2012.    kitten in camper

kitten sleepingWhen my last cat died, ( from old age) I said ‘no more’ the road outside is too busy and cats, even though we have woodland very close, always seem to be drawn to the road, and I could not bear to have another one run over.


In 2012 a friend and I went touring Southern Ireland in a motor home, at one of the places we stayed, there was a litter of kittens, no more than 6 weeks old, and being kept in something that looked like a rabbit hutch. The owner said they were from his sister’s cat, and he was re-homing them, my friend fell in love with one, and so Olivia ended upcat printing touring Ireland in the van with us.   We kept thinking of the rest of the litter while away, and checked up on them on the way home, they were still there, only by now in very poor condition, so we took the lot, and they came home with us, it took a few weeks to get them well enough to rehome, and Olivia, who was supposed to be moving in with my friend, somehow ended up staying here.  


She is nosy, naughty, torments the dogs, and is now called cat helping(amongst other things) ‘Princess Olivia’ and has a lot of attitude for a small cat !  For all that we love her to bits, and she seems to be happy enough as a ‘house cat’ sleeping on my bed ( a habit that started in the motor home) and keeping us all on our toes doing her bidding          cat in bag

And yes, she really  did squeeze herself into this lap top case !






I currently have two parrots, one Blue Fronted Amazon called  Flint, and a Black Headed Caique called Nellie.  

amazon parrotFlint came to me at 12 weeks of age in June 2000. He had been hand reared, and was veryparrot flying cheeky and friendly.  He talks quite a lot, and really seems to use his words appropriately. 'Hello' when I enter the room or if the phone rings, 'night night' when I start to switch things off to go to bed,' want some' and 'that's nice' when I am eating something he would like a piece of.

He also barks like a dog, then shouts' stop it', has a particular squawk that makes Peggy howl, then tells her sternly 'that's enough !' 'sings' various tunes, and informs me that he is a' good bird', or a 'clever bird' (normally this means he is up to something he shouldn't be ) he also tries to tempt the cat or dogs with 'come on' 'look' very sweetly while playing with something on the floor of his cage, then tries to bite them if they are foolish enough to try to see what he has ! and many more words that he has heard one of us say. I would hate to be without him, he is always up to something and a constant source of amusement.

caiqueNellie came to me in December 2011, she was 'second hand' and I believe she was hatched in 2000, so is about the same age as Flint. She much prefers my son to me, and loves to wrap herself in his (long) hair, Nellie does not talk, but she whistles, makes phone noises, and does ablack headed caique very convincing smoke alarm ! She is constantly on the go, the most active little bird I have ever had, zooming around the bars of her cage, swinging from her toys, or 'digging' on the floor.

 She is also the messiest little bird I have ever known, and is capable of kicking seed across the room, she likes to wash her food in her water bowl, and loves shredding paper, which she then uses as a bed, she often sleeps on the floor of the cage, on her side covering herself with shredded paper, and on more than one occasion I have thought she was ill, as she made no movement when spoken to, only to have her climb up onto the perch giving me filthy looks for disturbing her when I open the cage to check she is OK. Because of the size difference it would not be safe for Nellie if I put them in together so they have separate cages, which stand next to each other, so they can keep each other company when I am busy.