passim border collies

Everything a dog should be.


There are many activities now that you can take part in with your dog, I show mine in the breed ring but there are plenty of other disciplines now available, and all will give you a whole new social life with lots of friends who are all like minded. Don’t expect to make money at it, and don’t expect to win all the time, just enjoy your dogs, and your discipline, and remember above all else it is a hobby, win or lose it will not make any difference to your dogs or who you are.

There are lots of books available about all of the different dog disciplines that you could take part in, have a look at a few and see which you think might suit you.   Find your local breed club, there are Border collie clubs all around the country, and you can become a member of any, or all of them. Most will have a web site and regular newsletter, and these can be helpful for finding out what events are in your area. There are links to some of the clubs on my links page. If you are not sure if you will like showing, try going to a few companion dog shows, watch what goes on and if it takes your fancy, find a local ring craft class (vets and pet shops can sometimes advise you here)  and learn the ropes.  Try a few companion shows first, and when you feel a bit more confident move on to open shows, details of these will be in the dog papers,  from there you can move on up to championship level, this will become quite a bit more expensive to enter, which I why it is best to ‘cut your teeth’ at the lower levels.  

If obedience, working trials or agility take your fancy then exactly the same advice applies, but obviously, you need to find an obedience or agility club for training instead of ring craft.  There are plenty of both around, and again vets or local dog people should be able to advise you. You will also find that people you meet at your first shows will be happy to offer advice, but wait until after they have shown or worked their own dog, as obviously they will be pretty busy before then getting prepared to compete themselves.

  Finding the right club to help you train, is important, and doing too much, too soon, can spoil the fun of the activity for your dog, it can also cause injury if you ask the pup to do something it is just not physically ready to do. Shop around, remember that it is supposed to be fun for both you and your dog, whatever activity you decide to take part in. There are also now a growing number of clubs for heel work to music and fly ball and Rally, it seems the list is endless, and there is definitely no excuse for having a bored border collie, in fact the problem now can be finding time to take part in all of the available sports, but whatever you choose remember, enjoy your dog, and the main pleasure should be in taking part, and spending time with your dog and your friends, not just in winning.

Use these links to find out more about the different sports.