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Belle and Jasper are expecting to hear the sound of tiny pattering feet, January 2023.  Contact me for details.


Please use the form below if you are enquiring about my pups, I only want the best ever homes for my pups, and this information will help me to understand if you could be able to offer the perfect home, your past experience, and what you would excpect to do with your pup in the future.

A few things you need to know BEFORE you get a Border Collie

Border collies have for hundreds of generations, been bred exclusively to work stock. Mainly sheep. 
By their very nature farms are situated in the quiet of the countryside. In order to follow out the directions of the farmer they have developed very acute hearing. 

They do not see much, if any, traffic, cyclists, random strange people they are expected to say hello to, or any of the hustle and bustle of the busy high street or modern day life.  They have generaly been used to living outside in a kennel or barn, or in the home of the farmer and his family,  and will be faithful, responsive and affectionate to their small inner circle.

This has all contributed to developing the nature of the breed.

A lot of collies are sound sensitive and can react to loud noises, this is not nervousness - it is in the nature of the breed.

A lot of collies will chase cyclists and or cars - this is the working instinct needing an outlet - it is in the nature of the breed.

A lot of collies will nip at people running past, or try to 'round up' and nip at running children,  this is the working instinct needing an outlet - it is in the nature of the breed. 

Most collies will want to go after livestock if out on a walk, this is the nature of the breed,

A perfectly reliable recall is essential if you want to let your dog off the lead when out on walks - BEFORE you try and let it loose in the countryside.  Farmers have the legal right to shoot a dog they consider a danger to their stock - and herding is simply a refined, modified , hunting instinct.  Border collies WILL chase and harm livestock if not correctly trained.

 A lot of collies are not particularly bothered about socialising with people they do not consider to be part of their inner circle.  Some are social butterflies and happy to make new friends easily - many are not. this is not nervousness - it is the nature of the breed.

A border collie should NOT be aggressive towards other dogs, livestock or people.  As a working farm dog true aggression would not be tolerated,  any dog acting aggressively towards stock would be a liability and would normally be destroyed.  If a collie shows true aggression, it needs to be carefully assessed to find the cause - be it mental or physical. 

Having been bred to cover many miles in a day and use their brains to make decisions when working, they are very intelligent, and they need a LOT of mental stimulation as well as physical exercise.  Not providing either of these WILL result in the dog finding ways to satisfy its needs - not necessarily in a way you approve of.  Left alone for long periods will often result in destructive behaviour and/or constant barking.


Any pup I breed will only be a handful of generations removed from pure working lines - in some cases as few as 3 generations, any of the above behaviours may show up in ANY border collie pup, from my lines or from any other source.


 For some homes they are a perfect fit - for others they can be a disaster waiting to happen.  Please consider very carefully, before deciding to get a pup of this breed, they do need the RIGHT kind of home  they are not a 'one size fits all'  kind of breed -  please feel free to contact me, I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. 

Puppy enquiry

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