passim border collies

Everything a dog should be.


Jasper came from a friend, Sharon Carter who bred him.  I chose him because of the lines behind him, his handsome good looks, and his outgoing, happy personality. brown border collie pup

jasper collie pupHe has been to a handful of shows, and qualified for Crufts 2015 and 2016, he loves going out and seeing all his friends, but is quite difficult to handle as he is such a happy boy and refuses to take the whole business seriously, he is just a clown who thrives on  attention, very easily side-tracked if he spots someone he knows - or thinks he knows -and wants to look at everything going on around him, at one show recently he did a wonderful pirouette whilst moving for the judge so he could look at a helicopter flying overhead, then continued forward as if nothing had happened !

He has sired a few litters now, and has produced some beautiful pups, black & white, blue & white brown & white and lilac & white, a few with unusual blue eyes, but does not seem to carry the gene’s for Tri or sable,  all of his pups seem to be showing hisbrown stud dog wonderful temperament and charming character.  

He is health tested and hip scored. I do not advertise my boys generally at public stud, as they are here for my use. However if you are interested in using Jasper at stud, please use my contact form to contact me, giving me details of your bitch, the health tests she has had and her breeding, and I will consider whether or not I think Jasper may be suitable for her.

My stud terms are strictly payment at the time of mating. You are welcome to bring your bitch for up to 3 mating’s during her season to ensure we get the correct day.  If no pups result from the mating you are welcome to a second mating, within 12 months from her due date – free of charge – to the same or a different bitch. If you use one of my boys at stud, you are welcome to bring her back to me for a free ultrasound scan 28 – 35 days after the last mating. Please contact me for his stud fee.  

To see Jaspers health results and pedigree CLICK HERE

Thank you Sharon for letting me have this special boy.